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Citiations - A Catalgoue of Decorations and Campaign Medals
Issued By Canada To United Nations Forces
For The Korean War 1950 - 1954

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Korean War - Selected Citations for Canadian decorations

Key for Additional Information

Posthumous Award
Award for non-operational services in Japan in connection with U.N. operations in Korea.
Award for services in the Korean airlift.
Award for gallant and distinguished services whilst a P.O.W.
Award for distinguished services.
Award for distinguished and valuable services in the air.
Award for brave conduct.
Award for non-operational services in Japan in connection with U.N. operations in Korea or for services in the Korean airlift.

Awards conferred by the United States of America Government



 degree of Commander (LOMC) - Quantity issued: 1

 Commander E.T.G. MADGWICK, DSC,CD.  HMCS Huron R.C.N.


degree of Officer (LOMO) - Quantity issued: 8

   Brigadier J.V. ALLARD, CBE,DSO,ED. Cmdr 25CanInfBgde Staff Corps  
ZP1378  Brigadier M.P. BOGERT, CBE,DSO,OBE,CD.  Cmdr 25CanInfBgde Staff Corps  
  Captain J.V. BROCK, DSO,DSC,CD,MID. HMCS Cayuga R.C.N.  
ZD637  Brigadier F.J. FLEURY, CBE,ED.  Cmdr MilDivFarEast Staff Corps
   Commander J. PLOMER, OBE,DSC,CD.  HMCS Cayuga R.C.N.  
   Brigadier J.M. ROCKINGHAM,CB,CBE,DSO,ED. Cmdr 25CanInfBgde Staff Corps    
   Commander P.D. TAYLOR, DSC,CD,MID.  HMCS Sioux R.C.N.  
   Commander R.P. WELLAND, DSC*,CD,MID.  HMCS Athabaskan R.C.N.  


degree of Legionnaire (LOML) - Quantity issued: 4

   Lieutenant Colonel E.D. DAMBEY, DSO,OBE,ED.  BCFK Staff Corps
   Commander A.B.F. FRASER-HARRIS, DSC,CD,MID.  HMCS Nootka R.C.N.
   Commander D.G. KING, DSC,CD.  HMCS Athabaskan R.C.N.
ZP1438  Colonel G.L.M. SMITH, CBE,CD.  SnrMO HQ1CommDiv R.C.A.M.C.


 - Quantity issued: 10

120772  Flight Lieutenant S.B. FLEMING  att.4thFIWUSAF R.C.A.F. CGaz 24. 1.53
17484  Flight Lieutenant E.A. GLOVER, DFC.  att.4thFIWUSAF R.C.A.F. CGaz 14. 3.53
19514  Group Captain E.B. HALE, DFC,CD.  att.51stFIWUSAF R.C.A.F. CGaz 24. 1.53
30003  Flight Lieutenant J.C.A. La FRANCE  att.4thFIWUSAF R.C.A.F. CGaz 14. 3.53
19794 RCAFRO490  Squadron Leader J.A.O. LEVESQUE, AM.  att.4thFIWUSAF R.C.A.F. 10. 8.51
20361  Squadron Leader J.D. LINDSAY, DFC.  att.51stFIWUSAF R.C.A.F. CGaz  9. 3.53
  Lieutenant J.J. MacBRIEN att.781stSqnUSN USS OriskanyTaskForce77 R.C.N. CGaz 10. 6.54
ZB4012  Lieutenant A.J. MAGEE  AOatt.6147TCGUS5AF 1Btn R.C.R. CGaz  13. 2.54
ZE4132  Lieutenant J.F.O. PLOUFFE  AOatt.6147TCGUS5AF 2Btn R.22e.R. CGaz 13. 2.54
ZC4925  Lieutenant W.E. WARD  AOatt.6147TCGUS5AF L.S.H. CGaz 26. 6.54
ZE1998  Captain J.R.P.P. YELLE  AOatt.6147TCGUS5AF 1Btn R.22e.R. CGaz 13. 2.54


with 'V' device (BSv) - Quantity issued: 1

ZM2480  Major E.G. WILLIAMS  1Btn P.P.C.L.I. CGaz 13. 2.54


 - Quantity issued: 7

ZF650  Lieutenant Colonel E.A.C. AMY, DSO,OBE,MC.  att.HQ1CommDiv R.C.D. CGaz 31. 7.54
O-7930  Commander J.H.G. BOVEY, DSC,CD.  HMCS Crusader R.C.N. CGaz  5. 2.55
ZG165  Major C.O. HUGGARD  1Btn P.P.C.L.I. CGaz  7.11.53
ZB4020  Major R.D. MEDLAND, DSO.  att.2BtnRCR R.C.I.C. CGaz 7.11.53
16928 RCAFRO490  Squadron Leader J.T. REED, DFC.   R.C.A.F. 10. 8.51
SM100423 Bombardier G.I. REID, MID. 1Reg R.C.H.A. CGaz  7.11.53
ZL9708  Captain R.J. STAPLES, MID.  LiaisonOfficer BCFK R.C.A. CGaz  13. 2.54


 - Quantity issued: 15

17822  Flight Lieutenant W.H.F. BLISS   R.C.A.F. RCAFRO362 .54
  Lieutenant A.P. BULL  AOatt.US5AF 1Btn P.P.C.L.I.  
33697  Flight Lieutenant R.D. CAREW   R.C.A.F. RCAFRO362 .54
20465  Wing Commander R.T.P. DAVIDSON, DFC,CD.   R.C.A.F. RCAFRO742 .53
  Captain L.R. DRAPEAU, DCM. AOatt.US5AF 2Btn R.22e.R.  
10062  Flight Lieutenant F.W. EVANS, DFC,CD.   R.C.A.F. RCAFRO742 .53
19703  Squadron Leader W.W. FOX   R.C.A.F. RCAFRO362 .54
ZE252  Captain J.H. HOWARD  AOatt.US5AF 2Reg R.C.H.A.  
49644  Flying Officer A. LAMBROS, DFC.   R.C.A.F. RCAFRO742 .53
19794  Squadron Leader J.A.O. LEVESQUE, AM.   R.C.A.F. RCAFRO490 10. 8.51
17923  Flight Lieutenant R.E. LOWRY   R.C.A.F. RCAFRO284 .53
19727  Squadron Leader J. MacKAY, DFC.  att.4thFIWUSAF R.C.A.F. RCAFRO362 .54
  Lieutenant D.G. MacLEOD AOatt.US5AF 2Btn P.P.C.L.I.  
30004  Flight Lieutenant G.H. NICHOLS   R.C.A.F. RCAFRO742 .53
14565  Flying Officer W.G. NIXON   R.C.A.F. RCAFRO055 .53
  2nd Lieutenant W.C. ROBERTSON AOatt.US5AF 1Btn P.P.C.L.I.  


2nd Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry  24 25. 4.51

Awards conferred by the Belgium Government


THE ORDER OF LEOPOLD II, degree of Officer with bronze palm (OL2O~)

(Officer de l'Ordre de Leopold II avec palme) - Quantity issued: 3

 Captain M.H. MARCHESSAULT, CD,BCG*.  3Btn P.P.C.L.I.
 Major J.C. STEWART, BCG*.  81FldReg R.C.A.
 Major J.E.Y. THERIAULT, MC,BCG*.  81FldReg R.C.A.

THE ORDER OF LEOPOLD II, degree of Chevalier with bronze palm (OL2C~)

(Chevalier de l'Order de Leopold II avec palm) - Quantity issued: 1

 Lieutenant J. GAGNE, BCG*.  3Btn R.22e.R. 6

THE ORDER OF THE CROWN, degree of Chevalier with bronze palm (OCC~)

(Chevalier de l'Order de la Couronne avec palm) - Quantity issued: 1

 Lieutenant R.W. BULL, BGC*. R.C.A.C.

MILITARY DECORATION 1952, Second Class with silver palm (MD2~)

(Decoration Militaire 1952 2e Classe avec palme) - Quantity issued: 1

Corporal R. PORTELANCE, BGC*.  3Btn R.22e.R.

CROSS OF WAR 1940, with bronze palm (BCG~)

(La Croix de Guerre 1940 avec palm) - Quantity issued: 6

Lieutenant R.W.BULL, OCC*. R.C.A.C.
 Lieutenant J. GAGNE, OL2C*.  3Btn R.22e.R.
 Captain M.H. MARCHESSAULT, CD,OL2O*.  3Btn P.P.C.L.I.
 Corporal R. PORTELANCE, MD2*.  3Btn R.22e.R.
 Major J.C. STEWART, OL2O*.  81FldReg R.C.A.
 Major J.E.Y. THERIAULT, MC,OL2O*.  81FldReg R.C.A.